A sci-fi horror top-down shooter with a retro aesthetic - where enemies' hit points can go below zero, turning them into terrifying Glitches. 

Game Jam submission for BYOG jam 2022

Theme: "It's not supposed to do that"


Feedback, Rates, and Comments most welcome!

Use Full-screen (click the button at the bottom right corner of the game embed window) and headphones for the best experience!


- goal is to EXTERMINATE all the aliens by getting all their health to 0

- shoot the aliens to wound them

- alien's HP must be exactly 0 to be destroyed

- if alien HP gets below 0, shoot the healing gun at them to heal them back to 0


WASD or arrow keys - move

Left mouse click - shoot

E - weapon swap


- Press Spacebar at any time to skip the level and move to the next one. This is a fully intentional feature and not an embarrassing bug. Totally intentional. Trust me. 

- The custom cursor image doesn't load due to a bug


Surya Narendran - programmer

Getem Ratan - programmer

Noctilucax - 2D art, UI

Jane Wei - music, SFX

Other Credits:

All art, music, and sound assets were made during the course of the jam.

Code made with the help of:

UnityTimer by akbiggs and adam robinson-yu: https://github.com/akbiggs/UnityTimer

DOTween: http://dotween.demigiant.com/

Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
(2 total ratings)
Authorssuryanaren, Noctiluca, freddykrueger, JaneYWei
GenreShooter, Action
Tags2D, byog, Creepy, Pixel Art, Sci-fi, Top down shooter, Twin Stick Shooter


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I really like the concept of reviving or healing the enemies and enjoyed playing it, I'd like to play it again if you keep developing it.  I think it could be interesting if there were different types of enemies requiring an specific type of weapon or ammunition to damage them so instead of just changing back and forth between the damaging and healing, you also had to change to the right weapon for that specific type of enemy, I believe it would be a more frenetic approach to the gameplay but I'm curious to see what you come up with the next version of this project. Great work!

Amazing concept! Great way of introducing the mechanic as well. Only feedback would be to make the guns more visually distinct like you have with the enemy types.

the shock i had when the enemies revived themselves at  negative health was amazing! i love this concept so much! the only problem was the glitchy UI at times, but that's understandable given you guys had just 2 days!!

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your game is amazing extremely fun and a amazing concept